The following is a list of security devices from Talking Electronics. All items are professional quality and guaranteed to perform as described. If you are not certain about your requirements, please phone for advice. Don't let the low prices put you off. All devices are as good as or better than anything else on the market as they have been designed and made by us. We make what we sell. here is our product range:

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Select ACTIVE MICROPHONE $45 (plus $5.00 post).
This device can be used with any tape recorder to improve the sound pickup.
Most micro-cassette recorders are useless when left in your pocket or in a room. They don't pick up voices very well at all. This active microphone turns them into superb performers.

Select BUG DETECTOR 2000 BD-2000 $150 (plus $5.00 Post).
Detects transmitting bugs in a room, car, office or telephone. The unit works on the wide-band principle of RF detection. It is switched on & the antenna extended. With a sweeping motion the antenna is probed into all parts of the room. The unit will give a feedback whistle when a bug is detected.
The volume control is turned down and a meter on the detector indicates the relative strength of the bug. In this way you can 'home in' on the exact location of any transmitting device.
For phone use: Wind the telephone cord about 4 times around the antenna and place the mouth-piece of the phone to the speaker of the detector. A feedback whistle will indicate any RF bug that is on the line within 20 metres.
Be sure to test every phone as some bugs are designed to operate on one specific extension only.

Select CAR TRACKING TRANSMITTER CT-03 $85.00 & $95 (plus $5.00 post).
Has centrifugal switches to indicate when the car is turning left, right or stopping. comes with very strong magnets so you can clamp it to any metal object. or with double-sided sticky tape: Standard model $85.00. Magnetic model: $95.00

Select ELECTRONIC STETHOSCOPE $120 (plus $5.00 post).
This unit has been designed for locksmiths who are constantly required to open combination-lock safes after the owner has forgotten the combination. It has a magnetic transducer that attaches to the safe so that you can hear the slightest click of the mechanism.

It also has a number of other uses such as detecting noises in engines, the rushing of water in leaky pipes and you can even hear your heart-beat.

Select INFINITY BUG (SIMPLE TYPE) IBR-00 $150.00 (plus $5.00 post).
This is the simplest version of our popular infinity bug. It is small enough to be placed in the base of the phone and works like this:

After making a call the other party hangs up. Instead of hanging up, you whistle every time you wish to use the bug. Size: 2cm x 3cm x 6cm. Also, all infinity devices must be connected to the line in the room you wish to listen to. You cannot place it on your own phone then dial someone else. The bug MUST be at the other end.

Select INFINITY BUG RING VERSION IBR-01 $250 (plus $5.00 pack and post).
This unit is connected to the phone line and has a super-sensitive microphone and a complex circuit to detect a coded phone ring. It can be installed in a home, office or factory and is ideal for checking on the presence of staff or burglars etc.

It works like this: The unit is connected to the number to be monitored as per the instruction sheet accompanying it and a special note is made of the time intervals required to activate the device.

When you ring the monitored number you must let the phone ring for only one or two rings. At the receiving end, this will sound like the beginning of two rings. You then hang up and wait an exact number of seconds (as supplied on the instruction sheet), before calling the bug again. This time, when the phone starts to ring, the bug switches on and the bell does not sound at all.

Again you wait until you hear a click on the line. When you hear the click, whistle down the line and this will open up the bug and let you hear whatever is happening in the room being monitored. The sounds are clearer than if you were in the room and if someone picks up the phone, the bug automatically hangs up. The bug times-out after 5 minutes and can be immediately re-activated by whistling to keep the line open. You can hang up at any time. The bug works on both decadic and DTMF (rotary dial and tone phone systems).

The bug also works in the Simple Infinity Bug mode (see above).

Select SPY BUG 100 SB-100 $85 (plus $5.00 pack and post).
The bug is the size of two 20c coins (quarters). Comes with 60cm (24in) antenna and is capable of transmitting about 100 metres (300ft).

Select SPY BUG 400 SB-400 $50 (plus $5.00 pack and post).
A super sensitive FM bug capable of transmitting 400 metres (1200ft) in a built up area and is fixed at a frequency about 88 - 90MHz. It can pick up sounds such as the ticking of clocks, whispers etc up to 3 metres (10ft) from the microphone. It is the size of a Tic tac box and is powered by two AAA cells and will transmit for 200 hours. The batteries are soldered in place for reliability and the unit is returned to us for battery replacement ($7.00) after 200 hours use.

Select SPY BUG 800 SB-800 $55 (plus $5.00 pack and post).
A very small bug that fits on top of a 9v battery and transmits up to 800 metres (2500ft). Has air trimmer adjustment to get between the FM stations on the dial.

Select SPY BUG 1000 SB-1000 $65 (plus $5.00 packing post).
This bug is capable of transmitting 1km (1/2 mile) in a built up area (Several kilometres in open country) it is suitable unit for long distance transmission. This unit is the size of a pack of 20 cigarettes and uses 4 AAA cells for power. Battery replacement: $14.00 (incl return post) after 100 hours use.

Select SPY BUG 2000 SB-2000 $120 (plus $5.00 pack and post).
This is our most powerful bug. It is capable of transmitting 2km (1 mile) in a built up area (more in open country) and is suitable for long distance transmission. This unit is the size of a pack of 20 cigarettes and uses 8 AAA cells for power. Battery replacement: $17.00 (incl return post) after 100 hours use.

Select TAPE RECORDER TR-01 $65 (plus $6.00 pack and post).
This is a specially modified tape recorder with zero standby current for long battery life.

Designed for use with Phone Tapes, the unit features AC or DC operation and uses normal tapes. Size 5cm high x 14cm wide x 27cm long (2in x 5'4 x 10'/z).

Select TAPE RECORDER TR-02S $125 (plus $6.00 pack end post). No Image
This is a palm-sized Sanyo tape recorder that takes standard tapes. It has a control so that you can slow down the ape to 3 hours 15 min per side for a 120 tape.

Select VOX MKII VOX-02 $55 (plus $5.00 pack and post).
This is a non-transmitting device to switch a tape recorder ON and OFF. It also has a microphone output for the MIC input of a tape recorder to improve the pickup of the tape recorder, like the Active Microphone.

Select VOX MK IV VOX-04 $80 (plus $5.00 pack and post).
This a voice operated bug that only transmits when it picks up sounds.

When no sounds are present the bug shuts down to the 'monitoring mode' and sends out a homing beep to let you know you are monitoring the correct frequency. The battery life is increased 300% as it only transmits when sounds are present. It has a very sensitive microphone and an adjustable level control to set the noise level at which the bug turns on.

Select WALL BUG WB-01 $50 (plus $5.00 pack and post).
This unit has 400metre (1200ft) range and is fitted with a vibration detector instead of a microphone. It is designed to be attached to a window with Blu Tack and will listen right through the glass. Also called a SPIKE MIC or CONCRETE BUG it will also listen through walls and doors but the quality is not as good as the Spy Bug-400, for example.

Sorry Order form not quite ready so this is really a preview, circuit details and descriptions will soon be available!!

This completes our range. All units are fully assembled and tested.

All products are sold on the understanding that they be used for your own personal safety and surveillance. On no account do we sell these devices for the purposes of breaking any laws in any country.


All devices are guaranteed and we can modify certain units for specific requirements.

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